Hoist to Meadmaking : Update

On Memorial Day, while apparently the East Coast beach towns and vacation-destinations were in the midst of being ravaged by bike rallies…. I was safe at home making my first mead. because I used a WLP Sweet Mead/Wine yeast, it prefers a higher primary fermentation temp. The specific strain typically likes temps around 70 degrees F. For the most part this is a no-no when brewing beer unless its you are brewing Belgian beers like a saison. (Actually Saisons thrive and perform better at higher temps than 70 degrees, good news if you are brewing in the summer and have no temperature control to speak of , But that subject is for another day.) The fermentation doesn’t show any sign of slowing down. Here it is 15 days later and the airlock is still bubbling pretty strong. The fermentation chamber is filled with CO2, so much that it takes your breath when you stick your head down into the chamber. The fermentation is different from what I’m used to seeing. There is absolutely no krausen and the yeast seem to like to ferment from the bottom of the vessel, kinda like a lager yeast would. All of the CO2 bubbles are floating up the inside walls of the carboy like a soda.

It however appears that my instincts were correct. I pitched a generous amount of healthy, viable yeast, injected some pure oxygen and added a good amount of organic yeast nutrient. I imagine if there was an issue with the fermentation process, it would have stopped completely by now. I will continue to update.


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