Brew Session: Extract Brown Ale – First Brettanomyces Brew: Update

Sorry I haven’t written in while. As far as adding that vial of Brett C to he Brown Ale…It didn’t happen. BOOO! I know. But it now has a new job, making a yeast cake. I brewed my stout recipe this past weekend and made a little extra so I could throw the Brett in a stout and make a cake out of it, (not to mention I was intrigued to taste the funk in stout setting. Even though it is a Brett C strain and it wont throw the usual flavors associated with Brett, but if it comes out  close to what i got a whiff of in that vial, it should be GREAT! I got a slight nose of Brett funk but a lot more fruitiness that reminded me of pineapples. I fell in love with it. Inspiring to say the least.

So the vial was pitched into a gallon of extra stout and took off with no problem. It has a strange-looking  green-ish krausen on the top.  I’ll get a pic and upload very soon.


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