Fast Ferment Test

If you have just started home brewing or have homebrewed for some time now and have not checked out , you are missing  out on some really good info!  I owe a lot of usable brewing knowledge to Kai. His Wiki page has many great ideas on it like the one listed below –

This test makes great sense if you are an all grain brewer. It will tell you what final gravity to expect when fermentation is complete. Reasons to know your final gravity:   1). It will give you an indication of where to start troubleshooting (be it fermentation problems( i.e. Yeast issues,) or a less fermentable mash (i.e. Mashed too high)  2). It allows you to know when to bottle and leave some fermentables left in the wort for good carbonation. The latter being especially helpful for lager brewing. All of this is covered in his article. An excellent read and like what he said in the article, “Interesting enough, most of the very experienced American home brewers don’t use this test …”. Well said. It’s a very good and simple test that can be done easily.  

If you find his blog, he does not update that very often, mostly once a month on average, but it’s still good content to read. So check it out.


4 responses to “Fast Ferment Test

  1. please just give me a reciep that i can get ingredeance locol like malt
    hops sugar . receips give me how much of each i mixe and at what temp. i
    heat it to for how long. just a simple receip for beer.
    if this is possible .
    thanks pete

  2. Is there a specific style of beer your are looking to make? If you are looking for simplicity, a blonde ale or pale ale is pretty easy. Also some of the British bitter ales are simple too. It all just depends on what type of beer you are looking to make.

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