Sour Stout With Bottle Dregs :Update 1

I made a small 1/2 quart starter for the dregs Friday night. In addition to the Jolly Pumpkin dregs, I was enjoying a Brooklyn Brewery’s “Brooklyn Local 1” and threw the dregs of that in there for good measure. Sort of a spur of the moment thing . (thats what drinking a whole bottle of 9%ABV Belgian Beer will do to your thinking.)

So after sitting on my kitchen counter for nearly three days, I have yet to see any change in the starter. I did not actually see any “active” fermentation to speak of. If it is fermenting it is doing so…very slowly, that’s my guess. I do notice a little sputz at the bottom of the quart glass, but I am not sure if its the protein from the malt. A few more days of letting it sit around before pitching it sounds like the way to go. I would like to make sure that the yeast  dregs from the bottles were good and not dead, then when I do add the starter to my stout in the fermenter I am sure of what I’m pitching. I will update with changes. Cheers!


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