Equinox Brewing : Quickie

After this weeks article entry on using “other” ingredients in your brew, I am just going to do a “quickie”  – not really an update but more of a ….quick entry we’ll say (and I’ll post my recipe). The last entry was 1800 + words, my biggest yet! I really know how to babble on sometimes!

I will be brewing this afternoon with the yeast I harvested from my Oktoberfest that just went on tap the last week. I figured why not celebrate the beginning of Fall  and make a KILLER Maibock recipe with a hard decoction mash schedule. So that’s what I’m doing. I fed the yeast earlier this week with some fresh wort and it fermented out. So I know my yeast is at least still very active and now they have ben awakened!  The recipe came from the inspiring article by Jamil Z. in this months Brew Your Own magazine. (For those of  you without a subscription.) In the article he describes what makes a great maibock and the procedures that are involved. A great article as always by Jamil. I didn’t completely rip-off his recipe because he doesn’t like using decoction mashes, and that’s what I plan on using, and also his recipe is much simpler than mine. I did however take some of his advice and add some different malt to the recipe. I have been wanting to do a Maibock for a while now, and upon reading his recipe, he said that HE likes to use the same yeast I used for my Oktoberfest : White Labs German Bock Lager yeast. Perfect. How well it works out some times amazes me.

So here it goes: (since I don’t have the recipe percentages in my head, I will list the recipe in weight is it will be in my mash tun later today.)

10 Lbs German Pilsner Malt (germany)

2.5 Lbs Dark Munich Malt ( germany)

2.5 Lbs Veinna Malt (germany)

27 IBU’s of your choice hop (preferable Noble hops, but i’m using Warrior – not very Noble indeed.)

WLP German Bock Lager Yeast w/starter or a few fresh vials

  • IF…..

…single infusion mashing is your thing, I would say mash moderately temp wise: 152 degrees F might be best. You will still attenuate pretty well but will still have some body.

…Decoctions are all you, then hit a protein step first somewhere in the mid 120’s F, then pull enough decoction hit mid to high 140’s. Third pull should be smaller and try to hit mid 150’s :155-156 might be ideal. It will be messy, but totally worth it in the end! Just watch you PH and temps and all will be well on the Equinox! Be well and brew on. CABREW!


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