– Blog Update – Site enhancement coming soon

After having a look around the “blogosphere” I have noticed something about my site here that lacks in a big way. Pictures. I realized that a lot of this site and many articles are just in text format. It only seems to be that a successful blog site should have lots of pictures and I think it will only enhance the site that much more to have more pics and more of a multimedia outlet. Adding more pics and other multimedia should liven up some of the articles, that way its not just reading and text. Although I have documented  brew sessions and such in the past, my plan is to continue to do that, just a little more…and still ramble on, obviously!

So having said that, I have started a YouTube channel which all the cool kids are doing, and of course …trying to be cool I started one too. I will try to document parts of the brew sessions and take pictures of  topics or subjects I will be writing about more often. I will still be writing about the same amount (word-wise) but I would like to try to have much more pics to illustrate my points and ideas.

As far as the YouTube site goes, I don’t have much on there as of yet but I plan on updating it from now on. I only (at this time) plan on doing short videos probably 30 secs or less …it’s a drive space thing! However the link to that channel is located in the “Blogroll” or link section on the sidebar. Check it out if you get the chance. If you are too lazy to do that, ere’ you go: http://www.youtube.com/user/beaconhillsbrewhouse. Please if there are any questions or comments as always….keep them to yourself :)… or contact me via email,twitter, or through this site in the comments section.  Cheers and CABREW on!


….and Happy Halloween!


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