Sourdough yeast starter from Jolly Pumpkin Dregs: Update

Jolly Pumpkin La Roja

Jolly Pumpkin Sour Ales: free yeast and sour bugs with every bottle!


Just a quickie here. As you know the Thanksgiving season is here and in preparation for this year’s feast, I plan to make some sourdough dinner rolls to serve with the main course. Well as I wrote in the previous entry that you must feed the starter everyday unless you refrigerate it between feedings. So as I was feeding the starter its daily dose of flour and water, I noticed a familiar aroma! When I started this dough a few weeks ago, I dumped the dregs of a bottle of the Jolly Pumpkin bottle dregs into the dough water mixture, just to add to the lactobacillus and possibly give the dough a good head start.  I truly did not know if I would actually get anything off of the yeast/sour bacteria in the bottle to take hold in the dough. Well….there is a very distinct aroma from ALL of Jolly Pumpkin’s barrel aged bug brews, and I definitely caught a HUGE whiff of it in this starter. Its got a great Jolly P sour/oak aroma , and its a little different than the normal sourdough smell. And to top it all off, the yeast culture is doubling in size inside its jar…which means it is extremely active and should give a great rise to the dinner rolls. I cant wait to use it this week…stay tuned.


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