Update: Building the Perfect American Pale Ale…built.

 The pale ale that was brewed in November has gone on tap tonight.  This thing is simply excellent! Perfectly balanced and its that type of brew that tastes like all the hops were added late. Of course that is not the case but the finishing flavor and the aroma hit you in the face….but that was the point!  The specialty malts (special roast and victory) were a huge benefit to the overall brew. Considering that the base malt is just american 2-row, its not the typical bland,boring,generic pale flavor. (for those of you that have ever done a single malt brew with american 2-row).  The bitterness is there, but it knows its role….rounding out the malt sweetness.

But those wonderful Citra Hops….oh those Citra Hops….simply delicious! The great flavor was there from the word go, even in the samples before carbonation it was clear that this brew was going to have great hop flavor. For only being in the keg two days, and that means immersed in the dry hops, it has pretty good aroma too. I have found that I get the best hop aroma if the hops are whole and added to the serving keg.

So if you think your pale ale is mediocre at best, make a GREAT one! With all the great new hops out there, pick one that has great aroma and you will be on the right track. I have heard that some of the new varieties out of New Zealand and Australia have some great aroma properties.  If you can locate Galaxy hops, which is becoming much easier these days, some brewers are raving about them. I’m sure the aroma alone is enough to inspire you. Happy CABREWing.


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