The Mad Fermentationist brews a dark Saison with Currants

SaisonIf you are not reading this blog yet you are missing out on some great articles. I know I have said this in the past but it is true and those that DO follow him will agree. Mike Tonsmeire better known as the Mad Fermentationist wrote up this small article and recipe on his blogsite.

I found it very informative and have had the raging desire to brew Saison for some time now. Mostly because I have never brewed one and just had one recently that really blew my mind (Smuttynose Big Beer Series Saison).  It was a phenomenal beer that had the classic Saison profile and the peppery phenols were just perfect. It was slightly dry if I remember but it was still a very refreshing brew. 

I think that the style range on a Saison is so vast is very appealing. (They can be light colored or dark colored etc.) I have recently tried to come up with a good recipe to brew that would work really well with dried fruit but have not settled on any given recipe. Everytime I goto the supermarket, I walk by the aisle with the dried fruit and start brainstorming completely unintentional. Is there anyone else that goes

But that’s the greatest thing about this style. It works well with a little funkiness and is absolutely great without it also. It’s a a style in which dried fruits, (raisins, dates and plums mentioned in the article) compliment the malt and yeast profile perfectly.  But as in most Belgian styles, the yeast is what takes the center stage in all the Saisons I have experienced. 

If you get a second, please check out this article if this style and process grabs your interest, its definitely worth the read and its a pretty short article too. Cheers.


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