My Guest Author Appearance On

A quick update:

The past few weeks through twitter and email, I’ve been talking back and forth with Chris from . He sent out a request to anyone that would like to guest author an entry on his site and I responded. The article I submitted to him will be up very soon and it will address the pros and cons of organic brewing and ingredients. The idea was to either enlighten you to brew organic with pure ingredients; or open you eyes to the possible mass marketing scheme conducted by the consumer food industry….its your choice! While you check out this article on his site, check out his other informative articles on HERMS/RIMS homebrewing DIY projects, and other guest blogger entries.

The site is a very informative homebrewing site with excellent articles for local NC brewers and non NC brewers alike. It has great links to other informative websites about homebrewing, good blog sites, and even has a list of the AHA recognized homebrew clubs in NC.

Chris is also in the midst of starting up a commercial brewery in Raliegh/Durham,NC called Fortnight Brewing, ( They will specialize in English session beers and cask ales and are working hard to open in late 2012. So if you are in the NC Triangle area, look for this local brand soon.

Thanks again to Chris for the opportunity to write for his blog and good luck in your new brewing career. (By the way a guest author entry is an idea I might “borrow” in the future…time to ante up and polish those english skills, Cabrewers!)


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