Hop Garden Updates: Pictures – June

I promised some picture updates to the entry a few weeks ago here:(https://beaconhillsbrewhouse.wordpress.com/2012/06/18/hop-garden-may-june-update-and-other-nonsense/). In these pictures you can see the new plants are making excellent progress. The new Nugget plant is thriving although not as quick as the “cuttings” plant which completely took off! I am already able to pick a few hop cones from it. It’s a cascade cutting that I planted in early/mid March. It has far exceeded anything I imagined. ( I planted it just to see if work really work)! It is surely something that I will try next year.

Hops cones on the new “cuttings” plant. This plant was established with root cuttings from the older established plants.

The cascade “cuttings” plant is doing better and growing more rapidly than my older plants. It has outgrown the trellis and now has cones and bines wrapped around the top.

New plants out growing the trellis.

The Nugget plant should have putting out some cones very soon, as some “burrs” are forming.

Looking down from the top.

Even the grape-vine is doing well. Compare this picture to the older one as seen back in March of this year. There is no sign of any fruit but is appears very happy!

The grapevine looking well established. Hope to get some fruit next year. Its growth has been very strong in the past 3 months.

Regular feedings of Miracle Grow is working great. Most of the leaves are very bright green and look pretty healthy. I have used the fungicide/insecticide every 10 days or so, or as needed. It has done a great job of keeping away the bugs. I still see some issues but overall I believe most insect activity is eliminated.

New Nugget vine

I am really seeing much disease as far as mildew issues or nutrient deficiencies. Most of the plants have green leaves with some yellowing at the bottom which seems pretty normal. I have read that commercial growers remove the basal leaves to combat mildew issues. I may take that step in the next week or so.

Anyway sorry for the delay. Hope this stuff helps those of you growing hops out there. As always….Cheers!


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