Guest Blog Appearance: Charlotte Beer

Twitter…what a wonderful invention! You can make excellent contacts and conversations with the local craft beer circle here in Charlotte with the help of Twitter and the hashtag #CLTbeer. If you are ever in Charlotte,NC and want to know the real beer news in this town, just search out this hash tag on Twitter. You will find out who has the best craft beers specials today or have a chat with some of the local micro-breweries and beer enthusiasts who post daily as well! Charlotte has a very up-and-coming craft beer scene and seems to be growing with a new brewery opening up every 6 months on average! Old Mecklenburg Brewery a local micro-brewer, recently had their flagship beer “Copper” rated  “World Class” by seen here: That is quite an honor for ANY brewery to receive.

Using Twitter and the hash tag #CLTbeer , I made a connection with Mark Iafrate, the man behind Charlotte Beer Mark  is very passionate about beer, especially the local craft beer scene. He is also a new homebrewer and requested that I write-up something for his site here : It is a small article about the 5 most common mistakes made by new homebrewers…if fact that’s exactly whats it’s called! So if you get a chance PLEASE check out his site at … will not be disappointed! Cheers!


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