About this Blog

…a few things I love and take pride in: My family and brewing. I have been brewing beer since 2007 and counting. I haven’t done it all nor am I trying to claim such, that is for sure, but I try to learn and read anything I can about the oldest traditions of brewing and the science behind it. I also love the idea of twisting old ways with new ideas and theory’s.

When I started out, I asked those experienced brewers that have “been there before” for advice, no matter how beginner-like the questions were. This blog represents my full circle in giving back to those that read it. I do truly believe that there is no comparison to first hand learning, by that I mean learning from your mistakes and your own experiments. Experience cannot be taught, it can only be gained over time. I will however commit to this blog: That I will never post or write anything I have no faith in. I have read and heard too many people give bad advice out there when it comes to helping out fellow brewers. Anything that I write on this blog will be from my personal experience or something that has been already proven and I usually try to write objective and unbiased. I feel you cannot argue facts, just opinions. Having said that each post contain highlighted words that link directly to a Wikipedia article. This is a great feature of this blog site and I believe it enriches the articles that much more.

This site will also serve as place to document my obsession, random thoughts, rants and with all things to do with fermentation, specifically beer brewing. Anyone is free to quote and/or borrow anything posted here (I would be honored). At times it may seem like I ramble, but that’s what I do best and that’s how I tend to write. However above all it will be centered around beer brewing.

I hope anyone who reads this blog can possibly gain some insight, knowledge, or even some inspiration to brew the best that they can or maybe try something a little different that what you are normally used to. I welcome any comments and criticisms, (just make sure they are constructive)!

Thanks for reading…



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