Hop Garden

Fresh cascade hop cones.

These are young cascade hop cones from my 4 yr old plants. These particular cones are about 12 feet above the ground and still growing! The cascades have a tendency to put out A LOT of cones. I have actually reserved and aged some from the last year’s harvest to use in a lambic sometime soon. I also have a Mt. Hood plant that is growing slowly and steady and looks like it will produce some cones later in the season. I chose the Mt. Hood variety because I tend to do a few lagers every year and thought it would be great to have a “lager” hop around. The Mt. Hood is very similar to the Halletaur species except without all the downy mildew issues and disease typical with that variety.  Mt. Hood grows decently well in higher heat which is well suited for my application. I also am growing a U.S. Golding that may not produce at all this year. I don’t think the goldings like the hot and humid nature of the southeast.  So next year I may replace it with a variety more fitting of  my climate.

** See my article ” Growing Hops…”  on the related articles section below- **

New cones forming on Mt. Hood Plant. The little buds between the leaf stem and the main vine are where the cones form on hop plants.

Bines climbing to top of trellis

Bines climbing to the top of trellis #2


4 responses to “Hop Garden

    • Exactly. But you cant use them for bittering hops as there is no way to tell what the alpha acid content is without trial and error method or lab tests. The cascades put out the most yield so usually end up using them. Although I’ve found they are better dried out than wet hopped. When using them as wet hops, the tend to get real “grassy”.

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